Why use Triple J Procurment Services?

  • Available under any of our Company Banners
  • Decrease in administration (Finance, PO Control, etc)
  • Bulk Volume Discounts
  • Cash Flow
  • Transportation/Freight Cost Reduction (Usually hidden)
  • Inventory Carrying Charges (Reduced Minimum Order Charges)
  • Favourable Vendor Terms (We work to ensure best terms)
  • Vendor Management (We manage the vendor against competition)

Internal Procurement Costs

Have you ever looked at your internal procurement costs?

You might want to consider the following questions: How much does it cost to purchase several different items from various suppliers? What additional costs are being added to your overall administrative costs having to match all purchase orders in your accounts payable department? What is the cost of issuing several checks per day to various suppliers?

At Triple J Contracting we are able to reduce your overall cost by offering you the ability to single source all of your facility needs.


Reduce time: We have the best working knowledge and resources to provide you with a solution.

Reduce cost: Trusted long term relationships with vendors allows preferred customer pricing and volume discounts.

Reduce administration: Cut redundant transaction steps.

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